Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting into the holiday spirit.

This past weekend was the official start to my holiday season.  I had two Christmas parties and a dinner over the weekend.  Then last night was my office's client holiday party.  And coming up I have a few get-togethers with friends that I don't see very often.  With all of this going on, I am officially ready for Christmas to be here!

I am almost done with my shopping and can't wait to start giving gifts.  I must admit that I had a hard time thinking of gifts for some people but I got some help from some great gift guides that I found here and here.

What else do I love about the holidays?  Baking!  I always joke that Thanksgiving starts the winter insulation process and it goes straight through to the new year.  It's so true -- it is practically not stop eating with all the parties and gifting.  Instead of fighting the inevitable, I will indulge a little.  My first stop...snowmen cake pops.  These guys were a little troublesome this time around. They kept falling off the stick when I tried to dip them. Probably too much frosting in the mix but I managed to get a dozen presentable snowmen. Complete with sparkly hats and a orange heart nose, these little guys are tied with the chickies for my favorite.

I love the lights on the tree in the background.  It's almost as though they are melting the snowman a little down the stick, ha.  I don't go all out decorating since it's a rather small apartment but I will post some pictures soon of the decorations.  They just make the apartment so cozy and festive!

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